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I Survived the Bloody Irish

Australia 2010

Soooooo I am a bit of a rebel looking for some good ole trouble and trust me that is what I found....
Last Tuesday night we decided to go to Amigos a Mexican bar here that has delcious tacos but is freaking expensive!!! And lord knows that I am too broke to buy my own drinks so what do I do? Well what any other American or Aussie girl would do thats broke for that matter; I get a man to buy my drinks and it was his birthday. But he invites us to come to the dorms at the uni the next evening at 6:30pm (i told you those Aussies start early) to pre game and go out. So Wednesday night the girls and I dress to the nines and look our finest and go to the dorms on the uni. We are introduced to goun which is basically boxed wine in a bag. And trust me and all my mates it most defiantly got the job done for us. It was insane there were so many people in that tiny space all drinking goun. So we spent the next three hours drinking this cheap goun till the drunk bus came and I am telling you there were over 50 people with us going to the bar! Its not like America were you and your three mates have a few beers and then go out to the bar; no its you and 50 Aussies get together get hammered drunk and then take a drunk bus to the bar! Not to mention on this drunk bus you sing the most vuglar, cheap, funniest sing-a-longs all the way to the bar!!! Oh and before loading the bus I decided to do cart-wheels drunk which obviously didn't end up well so I had a mate Brigsby carry me to the buses while Kelly decides it would be a great idea to just pop a squat out in the open in front of the bus stop; in front of 50 drunk Aussies. Of course she falls and because we are her true and dear mates we pick her up and drink some more guesss what??? GOUN!!!!!
Once we get to the bars; which happens to be down the street from our hotel; we go into the Ivory which bars here are not like bars back in Wilmington. They have a lounge and the dance floor which rages and the bar of where its not like the beach bar its like get your drink and order another and another and another and another and then go rage on the dance floor!!! Wait a second, why isn't Will on the dance floor? Because Will was too drunk to get into the bars and in OZ land if you are too drunk or not even too drunk if they just suspect it you are not allowed in because its a liablity to them. So Nick took Will back to the hotel and Nick came back.
Welp Abby's broke so what does Abby do? Flirts with the poor boy of whose's name she can't remember and buys her a drink. During this time LaQuinna gets hit by a guy who was a racist which is funny because we thought Australia was laid back and not racist. But really Australia has a lot of issues with race and color especially with Aborigines, its an on-going battle with color and them.
So we go back to the hotel....everybody...everybody but Kelly....oh where is Kelly.... I sobered up real quick when I found out she wasn't with us. But our dear friend Alex brought her back and then us proud American girls kicked him out and send him on his way. Needless to say we were late the next day to class.

Friday we took a day trip to Kiama. Kiama is much like a British countryside at the beach. It was beautiful and quite. We saw the blowing hole, where the ocean water comes in and blows the water up wayyyy high. Then we went and had fish and chips and Aussie classic and it was delicious. There mayonise has a bit of horseradish in it but its sooo goood and the ketchup here is called tomato sauce and has more of a vinegar taste to it. Friday evening we left to go on our surfing trip, once we arrived at the camp the instructors were drunk becaue of the IRISH!!!!!!! There were Irisih folk in Australia and they were here to surf and so were we. But at 11:00pm at night it was FREEZING, so the girls and I went to our cabin of where it was still freezing and our accomdation was not accomdating. The beds were full of sand and our sheets were not clean. But we are "strong american women that can do this" and we turned on the heater and layered up and eventually fell asleep. Early next morning we had breakfast and got ready to go surfing even tho it was still FREEZING!!! I can begin to tell you how cold I was, so we slowly put on wetsuits because we are "strong american women that can do this"!!!! We went out to the ocean and it was beautiful; you know how you see those photos of Thailand of the secluded beaches...well this was it ...it was just freezing but gorgeous!!!! The water was such a pure translent blue and it matched the weather!!! The waves were literally 9, 10, 11, 12 FEET HIGH!!!! They just barricade on top of you, it takes so much strength from you to get out there but when you do and you get that wave there is nothing in the world that can stop you or bother you; you are untouchable and it feels amazing!!!!!

Later that evening after supper, the Irish were playing a drinking game similar to circle of death and it looks fun so Abby little American Abby who has only been drinking for two years decides to join in. I don't know what I was thinking when I did this but I did it. The are very, what is the word I am looking for.... strenous...fanatic...long lasting something around those lines about their drinking. Needless to say I lost this game and I had to drink a pint of god knows what vodka, redwine, white wine, tequlia, beer everything and more into this pint and I drinked it and it was horrible but I am a "strong American woman that can do this" and I did it. And I became new fond friends with the Irish. The Irish who were so impressed with my drinking skills decided it would be in my best intrest to climb the steepest hill known to man kind and to attend a pub keep in mind I have to be up at 7am. I am drunk and with the Irish and I have a longggggg ways to go. So we go to the pub and the drinks keep coming. I can't really tell you what happend I can only guess from photos. However, during this lovely event I did get something off my bucket list. Yes I knocked something off that list, I made out with a leprachuan. And yes there are pictures of me and this leprachuan who so graciously walked me back down the steep hill and took me back to my cabin of where I passed out (alone). Thank you leprachuan. And the next morning when I staggeredly walked out of the cabin to eat breakfast at 7am all the Irish yelled my name with an applause. Thank you, thank you.

And with that I drinked with the Irish, I kissed the Irish, and I survived the bloody IRISH!!!!!

Posted by Rachelabby 05:27 Archived in Australia

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