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Mykonos is known to be the biggest party island and gay life of Greece and that is an understatement. This past week I have had so many unforgettable epic nights that highlight my parts of my trip. From Snoop Dog to beach parties, Mykonoooss was fate for me to be at this week.
Snoop Dog
Question: If you had the once in a lifetime chance to see a world-wide famous artist while you are travelling abroad, would you?
Answer: YES!
Well guess who happens to be in Mykonos while I am here? SNOOP DOG! Granted, I am not even a big fan of Snoop Dog (but I do love his latest hit “Sweat”) but c’mon! Snoop Dog?! While I am in Greece?! I am so down!!! As soon as Mike and I hear of this, within the next hour we have tickets! We didn’t debate, contemplate, or think-we just did it! We are so excited! When I come back to my hostel, I find out the boys (the Egyptians) in my room also have tickets! It is going to be a blast!
The night of the concert, Mike and I go to town for dinner-we decide since we are going to a notorious and prized rapper’s concert we deserve something better than hostel food for supper! The tickets include a free drink and bus ride to the club, what a deal! Tonight is going to be awesome!
Have you ever had that unsettling feeling that something bad is going to happen? I did. I should have listened to it.
While we are preparing to get on the bus, I notice that some girls are asking for their money back. I ask what is going on and they tell me that they are unsure if Snoop Dog is really in Mykonos and if the concert is real or not. Hmmm, come to think of it I haven’t seen any posters in Greece for Snoop Dog. The guy selling us the tickets assures us that he is indeed here and then he has another man verify that insists that he is here because he carried his bags to his room for him. He then tells us if he isn’t here then we will get a refund. That sounds fair and why would they lie to us? Greece depends on tourism, they wouldn’t make a bad name for themselves and then have no one come? So we decide to go.
It is about 12:30 am when we arrive to the club called The Bedroom. I must admit I can’t help but think of that song, “I want you in my bedroom!” every time I hear of this place. We are told that Snoop Dog will be coming on shortly after, MIMS (ya know the guy with the one hit wonder, “This is why I am hot”). I am still feeling a little nervous about this. This doesn’t look like a place that Snoop Dog would come to. I mean there is no security. I could climb on stage. The place is lacking a crowd by far. And is that a stripper? 1 am arrives… 1:30am arrives…2am arrives…
The scary mean black man gets on stage (this is not MIMS or Snoop Dog btw). He announces that Little J is the first singer. Who the heck is Little J?! And up comes a man who is identical and I do mean identical to Little Wayne. Little J is from Jamaica and is an up and coming rapper. Let’s see what he has got. I mean after all many concerts will have many unfamiliar artist that have potential to open for them right? The song starts to play; it has got a good beat. Wait a second, I know this beat! Little J yells, “What? YEAH! OKAY!” The song playing is by 2 pistols. “What? YEAH! OKAY!”This isn’t by Little J! “What? YEAH! OKAY!” I look around to Mike and the Egyptians. “What? YEAH! OKAY!” We are confused on what is going on here. “What? YEAH! OKAY!” “He isn’t singing anything?” Mike says. “What? YEAH! OKAY!” “This is a bloke” Bims says. “What? YEAH! OKAY!” I am quite annoyed. “What? YEAH! OKAY!”“He doesn’t sing this song!” Alex says. “What? YEAH! OKAY!” I am fidgeting. “What? YEAH! OKAY!”The stripper has a tattoo of a dragon grabbing her butt and is doing the worse dance I have ever seen.“What? YEAH! OKAY!” “I am so embarrassed to be here, I want my money back!” And off Bims goes to get his money. “What? YEAH! OKAY!”I decide to go hide the bathroom, if I look at that stripper any longer I am going to hurl.“What? YEAH! OKAY!”While I am in the bathroom, Alex and Emma grab and say, “Snoop Dog isn’t here!” “Yeah I am starting to wonder this myself”, I say. “No, he isn’t even in the country!” they say in their British accents. Come again? “A girl just showed us on her phone that his internet, he is California doing a show tonight!” Breathe Abby, remember deep breaths.“Can I see this?” I ask. They run and get the girl and she shows me.
He is indeed doing a show in California this evening. I am enthralled with rage. I mean c’mon, seriously?! I paid 40 Euros and I got lied too! How? Why? The girl tells me that she is starting a riot to get our money and to tell everyone what is going on. At 3 am we are to all go up to the scary man and ask for our money back. So I did as she said and told all of my friends. And at exactly 3 am is when Chaos was let loose.
We are all yelling, demanding our money back! I recognize this could get ugly quick so I hush everyone down and simply ask the man, “Listen, if he is really here then just bring him out and we will apologize and we can watch the show and everything will be good, if not then just give us our money back and we will part ways.” Very reasonable, Abby. He bends down to me and says, “Go back out there!” “Well he is coming?” “Go back out there?” “You didn’t answer my question?” “I am not brining him out to this!” He yells and the pushes the girl and I. Why would you push to American girls in a crowd full of angry people? Everybody starts to yell, some throw punches, but no one is asked to leave.
The big man goes to the stage and announces that MIMS is to come on now. And indeed it was MIMS on stage but sadly no one was feeling him. Everyone kept yelling, “We want Snoop Dog!” or “We want our money back!” Poor MIMS or the imposter of MIMS. I am sorry but I just can’t see a fellow rapper going on with such a lie. And honestly, he was a terrible performer or maybe it was just he stripper rubbing off him. It was bad.
After MIMS, gets off stage we are finally told that Snoop Dog “left his hotel room and stole the money that they paid for him to put on a show”. Ya know what is worse than a liar? A bad liar.
All hell breaks loose.
People start stealing things, smashing things, yelling, demanding that we get our money back until the police arrive. Now Greek police don’t tend to enforce laws very well, so at first I doubt that they will even do anything but then again, if you have a crowd of 200+ people in a country that lives off of tourism alone, do you really want something like this getting out? No.
The police demand that the bar pays each person back. AND THEY DID. Some people went back in line and got paid twice, some people (such as me) got paid a little more than they paid the ticket for, unfortunately not everyone that got ripped off did get paid back. I on the other hand got more than 50 Euros that night (no I did not participate in stealing the alcohol). Bill, the police man that enforced the club to pay everyone back, asked for my number and if we could go for coffee and a swim the next day. A perfect Greek date. This is a classic Abby moment. Of course, I obliged but due to partying the next day with my friends…I “accidently” didn’t text or call him back after the 7 missed calls. Desperation really isn’t my cup of tea after all.
Mykonos is defiantly a party island and even though I got ripped off, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.
Waiting for Snoop Dog!
And there is a fight!

Getting our money back!

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Ok . . . I must say I am glad I am sitting down when I read these blogs and they are after the fact . . . otherwise I'd have a nervous breakdown!!

by DianeMatthews

Ha ha thanks Mom! Don't worry when I called Mimi the otherday I accidently let it slip out I hitch hiked in Crete! She was not thrilled, but then I told her it wasn't my first time in Greece and everything is okay! Love you! Can't wait to see you!

by Rachelabby

Snoop Dog in Mikonos and among all the big clubs in Bedroom ?? I knew it was too good to be true from the minute I saw the ticket girls waving the Snoop Dog banners . At least Moby actually made it and gave a free Dj set in super paradise a few days later . Greetings from Mikonos

by Spiros_Mikonos

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